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♫ I’m gonna be a bad boy~ I gotta be a bad boy~ ♫
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GOT7 for Tenasia

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"So who’s your bias?" "All of them."

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excuse me jr…
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❝ No matter what where I go or what I do, I always think that I’m still me. To me, there isn’t any much of difference. But when I’m on stage, I like the cheers that the audiences give to me. Honestly, I’m still unable to act and feel really happy while doing so. But when I’m on the stage, I feel that I can do better. 
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YJ:It was when we were practising,Jinyoung hyung asked me why I have no strength so he showed me Suzy’s noona pic and said to cheer up
Jr.:he kept saying “Suzy noona Suzy noona I miss you”
Kwon: Suzy is right infront him
Woo:Then for Youngjae,let’s give him some time to confess
YJ: No I’m ok